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TAMPCO is giving away over P225K as it celebrates 50th Anniversary

Tabuk City, Kalinga- There is one big event in Kalinga Province you should not miss because you might be in luck to win hundreds of thousands of cash.

Tabuk Multipurpose Cooperative is celebrating its 50th year of existence this year, and to give back to those patronizing TAMPCO’s products and services, the cooperative billionaire will be giving a total amount of 225,000.00 to 3 lucky winners on its 50th Golden Anniversary Raffle Draw on October 21, 2021 at TAMPCO Inn and Training Center, Appas, Tabuk City.

Prizes of winners

There are three major prizes to be won for the Grand Raffle Draw. The grand winner will receive an amount of 100,000 pesos, second prize winner will receive 75,000 pesos, and P50,000 will be given to the third prize winner.

Who can join?

Anyone except officers and employees of TAMPCO can join the grand raffle draw and shall be eligible to win the said prizes.

How to get a raffle ticket?

Allied products and services (use receipt)

Every purchase or payment of ₱100.00 worth of any allied product and services will be equivalent to one entry ticket. The receipt shall be exchanged for raffle draw tickets. The products and services include TAMPCO Gas station, TAMPCO Pi Water station and TAMPCO Inn and Training Center and restaurant.

If the bill doesn’t reach the required amount, receipt of next purchase or payment may be added to the previous receipts in order to reach the maximum amount of purchase to get a ticket.

Payment of loans

When a member pays loans, he/she will have one (1) raffle entry for every ₱5,000.00 worth of loan payment and Fixed Deposit transactions at any branch.


Apart from the Grand Raffle Draw, there is also a monthly raffle draw that will happen on every last Friday of the month starting from the month of April to September 2021. Each lucky winner will receive 2,500 pesos. All non-winning entries in the monthly draw will be included in the Grand Raffle Draw.

Monthly and Grand Raffle Draw Mechanics

·General Public is Qualified to join except Officers and Employees of TAMPCO.

· One (1) raffle ticket will be given for every ₱100.00 worth of purchase from the Allied Services: TGAS Fuel, PI water refilling station and TAMPCO Inn, Training Center and Restaurant; and One (1) raffle ticket will be given for every ₱5000.00 worth of loan payment and fixed deposit transactions.

(NOTE: purchases of below 100 pesos worth from Allied Services may be added to the previous receipts in order to reach the maximum amount of purchase, to get one raffle ticket).

· Monthly raffle draw will be every last Friday of the month at 4:00 PM starting on April to September, 2021 with 2,500 cash prize each draw.

· Grand raffle draw will be done during the golden anniversary day on October 21 (Thursday).

· Prizes maybe deposited to their savings account, if no account yet, a free passbook shall be provided for that purpose. However, all prizes can be in cashed at the option of the winner.

· Promo runs from April to October 21, 2021.

· Deadline of dropping of entries for the Monthly Raffle Draws will be every last Thursday of the month at 12:00 noon before each draw.

· The deadline of dropping of entries for the Grand Raffle Draw is on October 20, 2021 at 4:00 P.M.

· A participant will only win once during the Grand Raffle Draw. If the winners will win twice or more, the highest prize shall prevail.

· Name of winners will be posted at Main Office, Branch Offices and Allied Service stations. Winners will be notified trough registered mail, phone call or text message, radio announcement and be posted at TAMPCO Facebook page within 30 days. All winners shall claim their prizes at TAMPCO Main office and must bring valid ID.

· Prizes must be claimed within 90 days after each draw dates. Prizes not claimed after the given period will be forfeited in favor of the sponsor and with prior approval of DTI.

· Entries not drawn from April to September will be safe kept at the Main Office Vault by the Admin Officer after each monthly draw. It will be returned to the roulette on October 21 for the Grand draw at TAMPCO Inn and Training Center, Appas, Tabuk City to be witnessed by DTI Representative.

· The Determination of winners will be done manually using roulette. All tickets from all drop boxes will be collected before each draw date and will be dropped into the roulette at TAMPCO Inn and Training Center. Picking out of potential ticket winners shall be done by TAMPCO Stakeholders under the supervision of DTI.

Acting CEO Reverend Claudio Bagano said that the essence of this raffle draw is a thanksgiving and to emphasize the cooperative’s achievements from the past 50 years. Bagano is also thankful for the competent employees and staff of the CO-OP for achieving new heights as the TAMPCO continues to expand from its assets and members amidst pandemic.

He is yet hopeful that the CO-OP’s referendum and consent resolution will result to positive outcome so Cooperative Development Authority, a government agency that registers cooperatives, will grant them another 50 years to operate.

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