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Station One goes live!

Updated: Feb 12

Station 1 online radio in Tabuk City, Kalinga is now at work delivering choicest music and preferred selections with a variety of topics in the coverage of news and talks, happening in around the City, the province, the region, the country and some major news around the world.

The pandemic and the restrictions in broadcast media prompted the brain behind the making of Station 1 to take the inevitable recourse which is to have the broadcast online risking the fact that it may not come out profitable in an internet troubled place like Kalinga province with many not yet convinced of going digital although most of Southeast Asia have already gone past Philippines in connectivity and digital advancement.

Station 1 developer toyed with the idea of putting up digital radios where people can listen to a particular radio station anywhere they are yet the amount needed for such undertaking was the question. Since internet radios are becoming popular, Station 1 opted to try its luck with cheap broadcast capital that invests in content.

Station 1 is still in its embryonic stages, yet it is fast tracking its development through involvement of the community in improving programs, media contents and other materials for a valuable and informative radio listening experience online.

The main idea is in keeping the community together overcoming restrictions of borders and stringent broadcast controls.

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