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Statio 1 Radio Broadcast Schedules

Updated: Mar 26

After some discussions with listeners, radio enthusiasts and radio broadcasters having worked in the industry for quite sometime, Station 1 Radio has come up with the following programs which shall run through the week.

From Monday to Friday, these sare the radio shows you can listen to: Morning trip (a mix of new hits and some recent favorites), morning stop-over (a more music-less talk show with songs from 2000-present), Midday-break (an all pinoy music program), Afternoon trip (a program hosted by a life story-teller), Kalinga-mix (a mix of FRC and local music), Free-play (a show which gives a topic in which listeners can participate with the play of a variety of songs), and Night trip (love songs).

At the weekend is heartbeat weekend where the concept is easy listening, no heavy music, while Sunday shalll be a Worship and Retro Sunday where mostly Christian and oldies are played.

Station 1 has also set-up its internet auto DJ to make sure there shall be no dead-air in case net connection gets cut.

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