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Leah’s real life stories on Station 1 Radio begins next week!

Updated: Mar 26

Station 1 Radio begins broadcasting real life stories from real people through the story telling of Leah, a Station 1 Radio staff who does writings and recordings about experiences and struggles which could serve as examples to others.

The community is rich with variety of untold stories which if remain untold may become lost without use. It is in this that Leah thought of finding people willing to share a part of their life and let others know that they are not alone in the challenges in life.

This life-story broadcast happens on Afternoon Trip program which is online from Monday to Thursday.

For those who would like to impart their stories online under a pseudonym or real name, you can send a message to Station 1 Radio or contact us through 0927-531-5840. You may also e-mail your story at gurupresscordillera@gmail.com.

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