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Bangko Montañosa celebrates 50 years, eyes digitization

Bangko Montanosa bares preliminary works being done as it moves to digitization during its 50th year celebration of serving the communities held March 14, 2021.

The bank from its humble beginnings as Tabuk Rural bank has grown to become Bangko Montaosa which is now serving other communities in the provinces of Kalinga, Apayao, Mt. Province and Cagayan.

In her message to the employees, retainers, former workers of the bank and clients, Bangko Montaosa President Christine Wangdali recalled the historical growth of the bank highlighting the struggles and challenges as well as the cooperation, dedication and sacrifices of workers which helped in pushing the bank forward amidst the demise of many rural and commercial banks.

“While other rural banks and commercial banks which started in the 1970s bowed out, we were able to withstand the challenges and troubles. We have survived,” said Wangdali.

Digitization of Bangko Montañosa

Despite the pandemic and the restrictions imposed, Wangdali emphasized that the bank cannot relax or simply allow the flow of events carry it wherever it moves but it must rise up to the occasion and evolve.

Wangdali said that as the 50th life of the bank ends and unfolds a new life, it cannot take a u-turn as the digital age is being pushed and expedited by world leaders and opting out is not a choice.

As many banks have already gone digital, Bangko Montaosa has started its developments through going online to communicate with its clients and has begun talks for the gradual movements needed to be done as its migrates to digital transactions.

“This is the big challenge the bank will be facing in the next 10 years. At the moment, the bank is migrating to cloud computing and we hope to execute a dry run before the end of the second quarter. This is to enhance efficiency of processes and delivery of services,” stated Wangdali.

Expansion of Bangko Montañosa

Bangko Montaosa began as Tabuk Rural Bank with one office in Tabuk City. It later changed its name to Bangko Montanosa in 2018 to accommodate its expansion and revision of vision and mission.

Bangko Montaosa’s logo shows mountains a line below the mountain and six rays of the sun. The six rays represent the six provinces of the Cordillera, the mountains depict the landscape, while the line the valleys of regions 1 and 2.

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